Income Tax Evasion Scheme Thwarted By IRS

Michael Fuller, an accountant from Florida, and Carl Perry, a food broker from Greenville, South Carolina, were sentenced on May 5, 2008 in federal court for tax evasion. Fuller was found guilty by a jury in July of 2007 and Perry pleaded guilty in May 2007 for conspiracy to defraud the United States pursuant to 18 U.S.C. 371. United States Circuit Judge William Wilkins sentenced Fuller and Perry to twelve months and one day in prison and three years probation, respectively.

Fuller and Perry committed tax evasion during a period from the late 1990’s till 2001. According to the Department of Justice, Perry used offshore accounts and other entities, which were set up by Fuller, to hide income from the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”). A credit card was also set up with another offshore bank which was funded with Perry’s untaxed income. Fuller filed false income tax returns and other documents with the IRS to hide their tax evasion scheme.

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