Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) Taxpayer Advocate Releases Annual Report

The Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) Taxpayer Advocate Nina Olsen has released her 2007 Annual Report to Congress. It consists of two large volumes outlining:

• The Most Serious Problems Encountered by Taxpayers • Key Legislative Recommendations, and Additional Legislative Recommendations • Most Litigated Issues • Case and Systemic Advocacy.

The Taxpayer Advocate’s Report has a great deal to say, and we will be commenting on many of those items over the next months. Number 9 on the list is tax preparer penalties, and the bypass of taxpayer representatives including tax attorneys, and CPAs. The Taxpayer Advocate’s Report criticizes the IRS for not doing more to enforce tax preparer penalties. She notes that only $2.8 million in penalties were assessed for FYE Sept. 2007. However, this is about a 50% increase over the prior year.

The Internal Revenue Service’s top tax attorney, IRS Chief Counsel Don Korb has already been quoted in IRS Notice, IR-2007-213 as saying that looking at the tax preparer penalty regulations will be a “top priority” for the IRS in 2008. It looks like a bumpy ride for tax preparers, tax attorneys, and CPAs in 2008.

If you are a tax preparer, tax attorney, or CPA who has been targeted by the IRS, contact California State Bar Certified Tax Specialist Dennis Brager.

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