Marion Barry’s Tax Fraud Problems Continue

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has moved to revoke Marion Barry’s probation. In late 2005, Marion Barry, former mayor of the District of Columbia, pled guilty to criminal tax charges of failing to file a tax return in violation of Internal Revenue Code Section 7203. He was sentenced to three years probation, and as a condition of said probation was ordered to file his tax returns. Nevertheless, Marion Barry failed to file his 2005 income tax return. In 2007, the IRS moved to revoke his probation, but the Court denied the government’s motion since the judge ruled that there was no proof that the failure to file was willful. According to the IRS, Barry subsequently promised to file his returns, but continued to fail to do so.

The IRS has now filed a new motion to revoke Barry’s probation since not only has he failed to file his 2005 return, he didn’t file his 2007 return either. In response to these allegations Barry has responded that he has been on dialysis, and that he has been too distracted to focus on his tax returns. According to an article on Marion Barry finally filed his 2007 tax return on Feb.17, 2009. No mention of the missing 2005 return. In an interview with Bruce Johnson of WUSA9 News Barry called the federal prosecutors “vicious” and said they would “do anything to get at him.” Take a look at the video for more of what Marion Barry had to say about his tax problems.

It will be interesting to see if his tax lawyers are able to convince the judge not to revoke his probation.

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