Tax Problems Continue For Kerik

Bernard Kerik’s tax problems have not stopped. The former New York City police commissioner was indicted on December 2, 2009 on charges that Kerik “corruptly obstructed and impeded, and attempted to obstruct and impede, the due administration of the Internal Revenue laws.” This second indictment supersedes the previous indictment filed November 8, 2007. Among the acts cited in the indictment are filing false federal tax returns, taking fraudulent deductions, failing to report income, and providing false information to his accountants. Kerik has pled not guilty.

According to an article in the Washington Post Kerik had been trying to fend off charges of tax evasion and tax fraud for many months.

Kerik, former US interim minister of interior Iraq, rose to fame in 2004 as President Bush’s nominee to replace Tom Ridge as the Secretary of Homeland Security. After it was discovered he employed an illegal immigrant as his children’s nanny, he withdrew from the nomination process.

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